R.N.Shetty Rural Polytechnic, Murudeshwar

(A Unit of RNS Trust)

Approved by Board of Technical Examination - Bangaluru
Affiliated to AICTE - New Delhi


Diploma in Mechatronics


Mechatronics is a growing engineering field. It is a blend of branches of engineering like Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science. It focuses mainly on design and production of automated equipment.

It aids design, development, maintenance and management of high-technology engineering systems for automation of industrial operations.

Mechatronics is extensively used in design and manufacturing of mechanical and electronic items. In fact, several products we know as mechanical or electronic devices are actually, products of mechatronics. Washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves and robots are some examples.

Robotics is a classic example of the application of Mechatronics. The basic difference between robotics and mechatronics is in the way the systems get their inputs. In mechatronic systems, we provide the inputs; whereas robotic systems get their inputs by themselves. For better understanding, consider traffic lights. These are mechatronic systems because they work using the inputs we provide. However, if they are programmed to capture the density of traffic and change lights accordingly, they would become robotic system

Diploma in Mechatronics is a course of 6 Semesters at duration of 3 years. In first two semesters one will study 6 subjects each including theory and practicals. In later course from 3rd to 6th, each semester includes 7 to 8 core subjects including practical.

In first year (1st and 2nd Semester) the students learn Science, Engineering Mathematics, English, Engineering Drawing, Basics of Electrical and Electronics and relevant practicals in Basics of Electrical and Electronics, Applied Science, C-Programming and computer applications.

In second year (3rd Semester) onwards they study electronics subjects like Analog Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Microcontroller applications, Interfacing Lab, Medical Electronics Automotive Electronics, Measurement Systems, Programmable Logical Control (PLC) Programming, Python Programming, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, CNC & Robotics Lab and mechanical subjects like Elements of Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Power Engineering, Manufacturing Science, Machine Shop etc.

Along with core subjects Professional Ethics & Industrial Management is included in curriculum to guide one how to behave and perform duties Ethically knowing all managerial skills in industry as well as society.

Without knowing actual industrial aspects and experience a Diploma program won’t be complete. So 52 hours of In-plant training is provided. And one has to do his own Project work so as to bring out his talents and enhance their qualities.

How to become a Mechatronics Engineer?

SSLC / X pass is the minimum eligibility criteria for doing Diploma in Mechatronics. A full time Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering is a 6 Semester / 3 year course.

  1. Must have passed Karnataka SSLC or equivalent examinations.
  2. Candidate other than Karnataka State SSLC has to produce Eligibility Certificate issued by Board of Technical Examinations, Bangalore before admission.
  3. Category I, IIA, IIB, IIIA, IIIB applicable only for Karnataka candidates
  4. Must have domicile certificate having completed at least 5 full academic years of studies in Karnataka, between first standard and SSLC.

Job Scope

There is vast Job opportunities for the talented qualified candidates. A Diploma holder in Mechatronics can find numerous job openings in various domains. Professionals in Mechatronics can work in areas like design, R&D, manufacture, production, safety, and quality. Some roles they can assume are systems engineer, application engineer, product development engineer, quality and safety engineer, research and development engineer, project supervisor and managers.

In short, candidates who are adept in electronics, software design and mechanics can compete for many technical roles in these fields. Research organisations and educational institutions are the other avenues.

You may find opportunities in the Army, the Navy and the Air force and organisations like the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). DRDO, Delhi, offers challenging opportunities for candidates with first-class degrees in Mechatronics engineering

Higer Studies

In Karnataka after completing Diploma there is 10% reservation for each course to get lateral entry to engineering. So after 3 years of diploma they can join directly to 2nd year (3rd Semester) of Engineering.

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